We have a duty as a community to amplify the Black community. Black lives matter. Matter is the bare minimum.
June 8, 2020

June 8th, 2020


Los Angeles, the city where Vervet was born, not only inspired our recipes and brand, but also our company values. These values center on celebrating LA's diverse cultures and practicing inclusiveness. Yet, while holding ourselves accountable this past week, we have learned we have much more work to do. As a company that is POC and woman-owned, we know the value of inclusion, but we need to be better allies when it comes to the Black community.

On a personal note as an Asian-American, I feel indebted to the Black community. The Black Power movement of the 60s had a profound effect on the Asian American activists at that time. Without their inspiration and model for our activists to follow back then, I would not be where I am today.

We are a very young company, less than a year old. For now the company is entirely operated by its original founders. But as we grow in size, we are dedicated to making sure our growth will include the Black community in a meaningful way. We want to make a promise to you all, but especially to the Black community, that we will prioritize and uplift Black people into key roles of our company. In order to fulfill this promise, we are making sure we are listening and educating ourselves now.

Matter is the bare minimum.

Black Lives are Worthy.

Black Lives are Precious.

Black Lives are Needed.

Let’s all do this together.

—Tuan Lee, CEO